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Bize 22 € ile Cuma gecesi akşam yemeği, lezzetli 3 şarap dahil yemek kursu

Come and share our Friday night dinner with us. Michel ran his own restaurant for years and by popular request has agreed to cook for guests on Friday nights. 3 şarap dahil yemek kursu, 22€. This is something we have been offering guests informally for some time but now it is open to all. Reserve […]

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Loire Valley Bisiklet tatil, 1 hafta 'tüm’ için altında 500 €

sessiz Bisiklet Düşünme, Loire Valley çarpıcı chateaux ilçesinde düz kırsal? çanta ile döngüsü istemiyorum? iyi yemek ve sportif olmak ister ama Fransızca konuşan yok? Sen döngüsü istiyorum ama büyük bir grup olma konusunda emin değil? Sonra bize gelip! Home from […]

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Loire Valley İngilizce dil kursları kursları

Michele offers 1 week English immersion courses in the beautiful Loire Valley near Chambord and Chenonceau at Maison Clergeau Cost 500€ full board with additional 200€ for 10 hours of individual English lessons. Suitable for business people, baccalaureate students and younger. Each week is unique and individual to studentsneeds. No more than 2 students […]

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