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Kursus perendaman Bahasa Inggris di Lembah Loire

Michele offers 1 week English immersion courses in the beautiful Loire Valley near Chambord and Chenonceau at Maison Clergeau Cost 500€ full board with additional 200€ for 10 hours of individual English lessons. Suitable for business people, baccalaureate students and younger. Each week is unique and individual to studentsneeds. No more than 2 students […]

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Maison Clergeau diterima oleh Alistair Sawdays

I heard today that I have passed my inspection and can be included in the Alistair Sawdays b&b guide to France. Wow! what a long way the house has come in its story from leaking water pipes, no electricity, no working bathrooms, to tip top recommendation from number 1 b&b organisation in UK. Of course […]

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USM datang ke Pontlevoy, menyambut semua teman-teman dan keluarga

Maison Clergeau will soon be opening to coincide with the arrival of the USM students from America. All friends and families of students are most welcome to rent rooms, to stay for dinner, to seek advice about local attractions, opening hours etc and I can help with the French, eg booking restaurants. What to do […]

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UCL came to Maison Clergeau for New Year celebrations

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UCL comes to Maison Clergeau

Six UCL (University College London) students came to spend 4 days in Maison Clergeau to celebrate New Year 2011-2012. They were keen to visit the local fripe, a second hand clothes warehouse, where they stocked up on 1980s fashion and then filmed themselves in rightous fashion parade at home with wine and local goats cheese […]

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berbaris 2012, Sally Mellor konser

Bulan Maret, Saturday 31st, sees the return of Sally Mellor, this time with a wonderful cellist, Kirstin Spencer for piano trios, cello sonata piano dan solo. Contact Michele for reservations for flights/room and/or tickets for concert. Kirstin has had a full solo and chamber career in London, including her own tv show! She has made many cds […]

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Gadis akhir pekan / mini istirahat

Full board including dinners in and out, wine tasting, cycling, massages, exercise class, sightseeing trips and lots of good wines. Everything is deliciously optional. Stay in bed all day if you prefer. Anything is okay with usContact Maison Clergeau for more details and registering your interest

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Art course

Helen Menges, London is offering 2 separate residential art courses. Dates to follow but will include morning art classes, afternoon trips to buildings of interest and full board with lots of local wines.

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Bulan April 16-23, Bermimpi Lokakarya Reality

This is a 7 day residential workshop open to 9 people interested in studying under Mairead Hennessy, from Southern Ireland; a tutor for life enhancement courses. 16-23 Bulan April. Full board, morning workshops,afternoon excursions. 800€ see for details

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Sally Mellor konser

Chopin, Brahms, Debussy, Mozart, Elgar kemudian lezat pasta pesto dan salad dengan apple crumble dan custard untuk menyelesaikan. 25 tamu dewasa dan beberapa seniman muda menggambar seluruh konser. Dan kemudian spontan Irlandia biola dan rakyat menyanyi dengan menari. Malam itu berakhir dengan banyak yang baik akan termasuk janji dari Sally untuk kembali […]

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