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Thinking of cycling in the quiet, flat countryside of the stunning chateaux district of the Loire Valley? Don’t want to cycle with your bags? Want to eat well and be sporty but you don’t speak French? You want to cycle but not sure about being in a large group? Then come to us! Home from home with us with all the back up you need but without the whole ‘grouporganised trip thing.

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Stay in Maison Clergeau on the cheap weekly rate but request evening meals. We hire you the bike and from us you can cycle to Chenonceau, Chaumont, Chambord, Amboise, Blois and Cheverny. All possible with day trips.

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Charge: including bike hire and 6 evening meals in: front double bedroom: 419


Charge: including bike hire, 6 evening meals in: stunning arty loft bedroom: 499

Prices are for individuals.

Prices for couples: add 120€ (includes 6 nights dinner and bike hire for 2nd adult).




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