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Michele’s Story

I am often asked by guests how a Londoner such as myself came to be living in Pontlevoy,

running a b&b and teaching English in the village catholic Lycee and college. Or the hidden question; what motivated you? happiness? love? despair?

My story begins with a born yearning to connect with people beyond the normal social niceties. My father taught me to be curious and creative and my mother and my grandmother taught me to work hard and to value education. However, the truth was evasive in my childhood with several forced moves, changes of schools and eventually the disappearance of my father who re-surfaced in America under a different name. Driven by the need for absolute truth I turned to Christianity and in so doing, found an honest Christian man who wanted to marry me.

No longer in each other’s lives, the marriage with God and the Christian man is a distant happy memory. But I have not given up the search for spirituality, for generosity, for trust in relationships and a yearning for a deeper connection with humanity and nature. It is now to music, to the arts, to the French culture, to my reading and studying, to the beauty of the nature around me and to an attempt to remain open and curious that drives me forward.

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Michel entered my life nearly 6 years ago and a sorry mess he fell in love with. He has a crazy sense of humour and has made me laugh every day since we first met. He is a wonderful cook and his colourful photographs are everywhere around the house.

So, in some ways, the past should always be valued because it makes us who we are today. My past included a highly structured life to accommodate mild aspergers in the family. It also included a lot of happiness and nourishment whilst I was able to sustain my Christian belief. But the fundamentalist church proved unable to welcome questions and perhaps I am now able to to say with a certain pride that I was evicted!

Now, with love life calm, dishonest builders who should be in prison a faraway memory and a secure job that I love, the challenge now is not to ‘settle downin my thinking. To remain curious, to remain open and to continue to embrace happiness.

Are you a happy person? Then you are welcome in our home. Are you successful? Then we can learn from you. Have you failed? Then we have things in common! Do you have courage? Good. I am still driven by the same values I had as a child; the need for a deeper connection, for honesty, for justice for openness and I now understand better the role of courage with these values. Often, the simple next step is avoided by the majority of peoplefor the very reason that I have to take it…..because it forces change.


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Michele Turner BAHons LGSM

Studied at Guildhall Music College in London.

Solo violin repertoire includes light classics of Mozart, Bach, Massenet, Vivaldi. Also light jazzy number: Cole Porter, Gershwin and many Irish jigs, reels and slow airs.

Classic/folk violin/flute duo: some original music written for our group, many varied classics Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Saint Saens, Ravel: light jazz with Cole Porter, Gershwin; folk

or Solo violin:

Available for hire for:

private engagements/ weddings/portes ouvertes/vernissages/wine festivals/weddings/funerals

100-250 (1-3hrs)
















Recent playing experience:

La Ballade Blanche, April 2011

  1. -Street theatre in Pontlevoy
  2. -Violinist for dance spectacle, Blois, May 2011
  3. -Violinist with France Montgolfiers May 2011
  4. -Working with composer Herbert Winful (see photo below)
  5. -Violinist with English theatre company, Full Body & The Voice
  6. -Opening of Ouchamps & Molineuf art exhibitions
  7. Caves Monmousseau, opening of art exhibition
  8. Regular performer at Chateau Vallagon
  9. Performer at Hotel de l’Ecole speacial dinners
  10. Director of Music for Ballad de Sens, April 2012, Pontlevoy Abbey

Previous: classical musician with english orchestras and ensembles


To listen to Herbert’s music with Michele improvising.





“Michele is easy to work with, she is able to play any music to fit the mood. She seems to know what people want..”

Dance spectacle Blois

Performance at H.A.G., Blois, May 2011 with 18 dancers and Michele improvising on violin to a theme by Purcell.