Michele – violinist

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Michele’s Story

I am often asked by guests how a Londoner such as myself came to be living in Thenay, an unassuming picturesque village in the Loire Valley

teaching English in the village catholic Lycèe and performing as a violinist. Or the hidden question; what motivated you? happiness? love? despair?

My story begins with a born yearning to connect with people beyond the normal social niceties. My father taught me to be curious and creative and my mother and my grandmother taught me to work hard and to value education. However, the truth was evasive in my childhood with several forced moves, changes of schools and eventually the disappearance of my father who re-surfaced in America under a different name. Driven by the need for absolute truth I turned to Christianity and in so doing, found an honest Christian man who wanted to marry me.

No longer in each other’s lives, the marriage with God and the Christian man is now a distant happy memory. But I have not given up the search for spirituality, for generosity, for trust in relationships and a yearning for a deeper connection with humanity and nature. It is now to music, to the arts, to the French culture, to my reading and studying, to the beauty of the nature around me and to an attempt to remain open and curious that drives me forward.

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Michele Spencer BAHons LGSM

Studiował w Guildhall Muzycznej College w Londynie.

or Solo violin:

Wynajęcie na:

private engagements/ weddings/portes ouvertes/vernissages/wine festivals/weddings/funerals

100-250€ (1-3h)












Ostatnie doświadczenia gry:

– Ballada Blanche, Kwiecień 2011

  1. -Teatr uliczny w Pontlevoy
  2. -Skrzypek na spektakl tańca, Blois, Maj 2011
  3. -Skrzypek z Francji Montgolfiers maju 2011
  4. -Praca z kompozytorem Herbertem Winful (patrz zdjęcie poniżej)
  5. -Skrzypek z angielskiego teatru firmy, Full Body & Voice
  6. -Otwarcie Ouchamps & Molineuf wystawy sztuki
  7. Jaskinie Monmousseau, otwarcie wystawy plastycznej
  8. Regularne wykonawca w Chateau Vallagon
  9. Performer w Hotel de L'Ecole kolacje speacial
  10. Dyrektor Muzycznego dla Ballad de Sens, Kwiecień 2012, Pontlevoy Abbey
  11. 2011 Musee de Beaux Arts Toursviolin spectacle with dancer and artist Pamela Moulton

Poprzedni: classical musician with English orchestras and ensembles


Aby słuchać muzyki Herberta z improwizacji Michele.





"Michele jest łatwo pracować z, ona jest w stanie odtwarzać muzykę, aby pasowały do ​​nastroju. She seems to know what people wantHer playing ‘madeour birthday party.”

Blois spektakl

Wydajność w H.A.G., Blois, Maj 2011 z 18 Tancerze i improwizuje na skrzypcach Michele do tematu przez Purcell.